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Color WOW

ColorWow Dreamcoat Supernatural Spray 200ml

ColorWow Dreamcoat Supernatural Spray 200ml

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#1 Anti-frizz treatment waterproofs your hair to stop frizz, even in the worst humidity. Dream Coat Supernatural Spray is an anti-frizz treatment for people with frizz-prone hair, wavy, curly or straight, who want to achieve a sleek, glossy, frizz-free blow-dry style that’s humidity-proof and lasts for days. It’s applied to damp hair, and it’s activated when you blow-dry using tension.


  • Advanced anti-frizz formula leaves hair super glossy, glassy, ultra smooth
  • Groundbreaking humidity-blocking technology stops moisture from wrecking your style
  • Ultra-light frizz control spray feels like nothing is on the hair
  • Economical. Results last through 3-4 shampoos
Dream Coat uses a ground-breaking, heat-activated polymer technology that is feather-light. It will not weigh hair down or leave it greasy. 

When activated by the heat of your blow dryer along with light tension from a brush, Dream Coat forms an invisible, hydrophobic matrix that does two things: 

1) Compresses each strand into a sleek, silky, supple shape

2) Sheathes every strand in a light, imperceptible “raincoat” that repels moisture.

For all hair types, ideal for dry, frizz-prone hair or color-treated hair. Perfect for extensions. Safe for Keratin-treated hair.

Hair Type

All Hair Types


Shampoo and condition hair. Towel-dry until damp, then divide hair into sections. Spray Dream Coat liberally and evenly on damp hair. Blow-dry each section using tension. If desired, after blow-drying straight, use a curling iron to create glossy, glassy, humidity-proof waves. For best results, apply Dream Coat after every 3-4 shampoos. Dream Coat should be the final product applied to damp hair. If layering in other styling products, limit to Cocktails only. Using other products can interfere with Dream Coat's technology and prevents a humidity sealant from forming. Additional styling products can be used once hair is dry.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Hannah Barron
Holy Grail!!

Absolutely love this product! It leaves my hair feeling silky smooth that actually lasts throughout the day.

If you haven't tried it, just try it

Since starting to use this spray, I've had friends asking me what I'm doing differently to my hair.

It makes a blowout much smoother for longer and humidity-resistant.

You need to spray on more than you'd think & it needs heat + physical tension (e.g. dryer & round brush) to do it's best work.

Also good price & super fast shipping from The Station. I'll be returning :)