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Payment Options

We currently offer payment via EFTPOS, cash and Afterpay (Terms & Conditions apply).

Preparing for your appointment

Before your appointment at The Station we ask you to please not use any toning products such as blonde shampoos or conditioners for two weeks prior to your appointment. We also ask you to please arrive with clean hair, as when the hair is dirty it can make achieving your goals harder and may reduce the time for us at your appointment by having to wash your hair beforehand and may cause us to run late.

At home at The Station

Bring your laptop, we have free WiFi available while enjoying a hot drink while you work. We have coffee and also a wide selection of herbal teas including storm+india.

Cancellation Policy

A minimum of 48 hours notice is required for all salon cancellations/rescheduling or a fee of $50 will be required before a new appointment can be confirmed if it is within this timeframe. In some cases if the appointment can be filled the fee will be waived. Recurring changes to bookings without consultation from a stylist will require a deposit to secure day and time.

In some cases due to sickness/emergencies please phone the salon to change and upon consultation the fee could be waived. Please refer to our sickness policy.

Arrival + Parking

We do our absolute best to run on time but there are some days where we might run a little behind due to the nature of a busy salon. Because of this, we ask that you arrive on time to your appointment and to please notify us if you think you are going to be late. We would hate for you to feel rushed when you come in. If you are running late, please be aware that we may not be able to do your original scheduled appointment due to less timing as we would never want you or any other client to feel rushed. If you miss your appointment or we have had to cancel it due to late arrival you may be charged the $50 cancellation fee. We do have a 15 minute grace period for running late.

Please remember that we are located in a very busy area of the Main Street and parking can be a little manic at times so allow extra time to find parking. The Warehouse carpark leads straight out, facing the salon across the street.

If you're feeling unwell

If you are unwell, please cancel your appointment with 24 hours notice by calling or emailing us. If you attend your appointment and are visibly unwell, we reserve the right to respectfully turn you away and reschedule your appointment as we want to avoid the spread of illness within our salon to our staff and clients. Please refer back to our cancellation policy for all fee enquiries around rescheduling.

Satisfaction + Commitment Policy

At The Station, our goal for you is to leave happy and in love with your new colour and love the experience you have had with us! We are a team that builds relationships with their clients as we all care about each other greatly and all of our clients equally. If for some reason you are unhappy with your hair or any part of the service, we would greatly appreciate any feedback whether it be during your appointment or immediately after if you do end up leaving the salon. We want all of our guests to feel comfortable enough to bring up any concerns that they have, we understand that on the rare occasion a miscommunication error can happen during consultation and we would hate for you to leave feeling deflated as that is not what we want to happen at all! We offer a 2 week grace period to adjust any services that you are unhappy with. The stylist who did your service initially will be happy for you to come back and adjust anything that needs doing and a further consultation will be done with you to find out where this miscommunication occurred. If it is a change of mind, we unfortunately do not offer a refund or compensation for this. 

Please call the salon or message us directly and we will then arrange a time for you to return to the salon for a consultation with your stylist to discuss any concerns during an in-depth consultation to make sure we have spoken about absolutely everything in case anything was missed during your first consultation.

Sustainable Salons

At your appointment, we take care of the environment while delivering exceptional service. For just $3, this environmentally friendly initiative covers various aspects:

  1. Our plastics are collected, cleaned, and upcycled into new products, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.
  2. All salon metals, including foil, and paper are sold for recycling, and the proceeds are donated to OzHarvest and KiwiHarvest, providing meals for those in need.
  3. Hair clippings are collected from the salon floor and used to stuff stockings, creating Hair Booms that can be utilised in cleaning up oil spills along our coastlines, contributing to a cleaner environment.
  4. Any ponytails measuring 20cm or longer that are collected are distributed to charitable organisations to create wigs for individuals who are battling cancer or experiencing alopecia, supporting those in difficult circumstances.
  5. Chemicals used in various treatments are collected, pooled, and sent to chemical recycling plants, where they are neutralised and converted into recycled water, minimising their impact on the environment.
  6. Select disposable hygiene products utilised during treatments are carefully disassembled, and the materials are sent for repurposing, reducing overall waste and promoting sustainable practices.

By choosing our services, you not only treat yourself to a great experience but also actively contribute to meaningful efforts in protecting our planet and supporting various charitable causes. Your appointment goes beyond personal care; it makes a positive impact on the environment and the lives of those in need.